Hello . . . I think I'm bored . . .

Hello . . . I think I'm bored . . .
What's everyone upto on this fine Saturday? I'm at home hanging with the girls, T had to do some stuff for his family up nort(h), so the girls and I are having a regular day.

I'm knitting up a washcloth, starting my mid-Month KAL and working on my Kimono, or at least I hope. I'll probably work on getting updated on my podcasts too, since I'm new to them all and so very behind. I'm almost caught up on Cast-on.

Can you tell I'm bored, I'll let you all be now. The girls are stirring anyhow, so chit chat with ya'll later.

That is all. Carry on. :P


  1. Bored?? With all the knitting you have to do?? ;)

    We'll have to get you started spinning sometime. I'm sure you'll love it. It's very relaxing and calming -- just the thing for those hectic 'mommy' days!

    And just so you know, you *can* spin goat hair (well, depending on the type of goats you have). From Angora goats we get mohair (Angora bunnies produce the foofy "angora" fiber).... and from Kashmir goats we get one of the most lux fibers -- cashmere.

    Enjoy the calm before your next little one joins this world:)

  2. I'm very social, especially when I knit it seems and with no one to chat with it gets lonely, hubby had to help his dad so I was alone with my not so conversation carrying girls. ah well. all better now. thanks for the info on the goats.