The Pic is Lousy, Sorry.

My 50% off yarn purchases, the sock yarn has and undisclosed home yet. The heathered blue grey Cascade 220 is going to turn into a hat and long fingerless gloves for the hubby, and the dark blue 100% wool sock yarn is for knee high socks for SCA fighting for the hubby, I'm not exactly sure of much on them as it is mostly written in another language. He sure did make out good on the sale, I wanted to buy more Cascade but I was a good girl and didn't, more sock yarn would have been nice too, since I intend to learn how to knit socks soon. I'm shooting for november. Sorry again the pic sucks but its cloudy rainy here and that means no good natural light for pics. Juju and I are about to have a cup of Vanilla Almond Tea (her's is decaf ofcourse) and relax. She may even let me knit :D.

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  1. Yarn sales rock!!!

    I love, love, love Cascade wool. I had no idea the stuff was so nice until I got some a couple weeks ago. I'm still hanging onto it like it's priceless artyarn, LOL! It's so affordable too -- even at non sale prices!

    Looks like you got an even bigger stash now :) Yay!