Venus of .....

So its official, my body looks like the Venus of Willendorf, not that I'm a goddess figure or anything, jus that my breasts have seemed to have met my stomach officially, or should I say my stomach met my breasts (which is probably more accurate).

On a knitting note, I went to pick up my handtowel knitting only to find I had left no notes as to which row I was on and I have no clue where I'm at in the pattern, so that will take some thinking. I also started my mid-month KAL and love the new challenge of actually needing to read the directions :D. I think I'm gearing up for lace shawl after the holidays with my sari silk, which I'm going to use a little of for a tie for my dad, I traditionally get him a tie for the holidays.

On a pain note, I stretched wrong and hurt my left hip and lower back, bad me. I should really know better. I'm almost done so hopefully I'll be okay for a few more weeks.

The twins are officially in real cribs now instead of playpens for beds, we didnt think 3 cribs would fit in the room and then **ding** I had a brainy idea and they now all fit. I ofcourse hurt myself before doing the cribs so I had to grit my teeth and just get it done with hubby, he wouldnt understand, or at least I dont think he will. I'll live.

well time to work on figuring out my pattern oops so I can get it off the needles. And then on to another project :D.

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