See I'm not a total Slacker....

This is the original one I did for Mid-Sept KAL it is made from SnC Creamsicle on size 7 (US) needles (they're actually dpns with a point protetor). This and the others are to be given as a gift today to my sis-i-l for her birthday yesterday. It aint much but it's what we've got.

I then made this one with a mix of the Creamsicle and PnC Delft Blue (which I really like, it's a really nice color) to combine with the next one. This one actually ran out of creamsicle just at the end of the last band and I had to do two rows of blue before finishing.

And here it is wash/dish cloth number 3 for sis, it is obviously the mid-Sept KAL pattern but in PnC Delft Blue (did I say I liked that color :D). Anywho, there is the trio gift set, I hope she likes them I put quite a bit of effort into getting them done, especially this one as I seem to get bored with doing it so close together with other one, even though it is so pretty. No cloths were blocked in the scanning of these pictures and they wont be blocked before they go to my sis-i-l tonite as they are all folded up together and tied with a ribbon already.

Well I better go, we have places to go and people to see.


  1. Very nice! I like the color coordinated set.

  2. I'm sure your SIL will love them! I hope she realizes how lucky she is getting handknit things :)

    I also love the blue color -- very pretty!