Test Knitting Part 4

Very nice pattern must get working on the second one. I did most of this last night at Fiber Night with some ladies at G's house. It was nice to be kid free for awhile and to hang with Rach. We watched some Schoolhouse Rock! (it was the 30th Anniversary edition) and than Henry V. Good times. And I almost finished the sock, came home, took care of Se and went to bed. This morning when breakfast was happening I finished the toe (like 4 rounds) and kitchenered during nap time. And now it's done. Yea!!! Now to avoid the SSS


  1. Those look great! Especially with that yarn, Wow!

  2. Thank you, now to get the second one done :p

  3. Oh, I also like the toys sneaking into the photos...

  4. Oh, I love the socks!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. :) I got your contest entry, but the contest ended a week or so ago. But, I plan on running another one sometime in the near future, so stay tuned.

    Have a great weekend!