So I've been Naughty in a Good Way....

Every year T gets a bonus from work and we generally get money back at tax time because of the way we do taxes, so we each get $500 to spend how we want. Well, T wanted some hunting stuff which ended up being around $300 and he wants to take it from his $500 early so he would have the stuff for this hunting season. So I got to buy a few things off the internet that I've been craving and know since they are internet buys that I'm the only one that will buy them for me. So here's the list:

Knitpicks Options needle set (yes the whole set,eeeee!!!)
A ballwinder (no swift yet but i'll make do at least I'll have the winder, winding balls hurts my hands)
Essential yarn color card
Nickel plated DPNs Sizes 0-3
Needle tips for the options set sizes 13, 15, 17
Yarn cutter Antique (I thought this would look nice on one of the chatelaine pins with some other sewing dodads when I'm SCAing it)
Essential Tweed color Flint (2 balls)
Suri Dream Hand-dyed color Rose Quartz (2 balls) (This will be a simple garter stitch scarf unless someone can send me a pattern that is just as easy and quick, this is a gift I need to give in 2 weeks and I just ordered the yarn so-oooo see why it will be just straight knit, family from Texas are coming to visit and I didnt want them to freeze :D up here in Wisconsin)

All three of the Yarn Harlot's books on sale that are currently available.

And I'm bidding on some Stitch Markers on eBay so I can have a variety, although I love the ones that were given to me more than any I've seen online so far :)

So yeah I'm feeling uber naughty but it's okay because I had the go ahead from the hubby, I'm probably going to save the rest of my money for a newer nicer sewing machine.

Sorry no links or pics, this was actually a quick type while my children were doing snack, and the new wee one is screaming for some food so gotta go.

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  1. Yaaaaaay for you, girlie!!! What a haul! You're going to love those needles!! I'm trying to figure out what I ever did without my Options set! Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em!!

    For a scarf, try the feather n fan pattern. If you're worried about not having enough yarn, email me and send you the repeat I used. Very easy and elegant!