Well off we go... next stop on the wild rollercoaster of life coming up...

Well, I'm about to be off on our family's new voyage. I'm sorry I wont be able to keep up on all my reading of blogs and groups but well the baby is calling and "he" says he wants to come out soon if not now. I've got some knitting packed up to go with me, a dishcloth, a handtowel (on my new size 7 circs from knitpicks) and the baby hat I need to finish while I'm in the hospital. I also always have my sock yarn in my purse and if I need I'm sure someone will run and grab me different yarn from home :D. I'm very excited about our new addition to come, I've got some boy clothes packed and need to go dig out a girly outfit for just in case. We have names for both genders as well so hopefully we're set there. I need to get some picking up done and some more laundry, yes I'm nesting, I know I never do laundry. The dishes are for the hubby as I can't sit to do those and I washed is damn underwear today so pbbbt :P. Well all of you out there take care, I'm hoping all goes well, and will be on again soon, actually probably before you even realize I'm missing. :D
Knit on.

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