Sebastian's One Skein Hat

Here is Sebastian's Hat, I made it with US size 7 dpns on LB Microspun in Royal Blue and Lime, the pictures are under standard soft light lightbulbs so the colors are a little off, but you get the jest of it :D. And yes that is young Sebastian modeling the hat and no you wont be able to see his face, sorry, house rules. The basic pattern is from the book One Skein by Leigh Radford, I love this book and wish I owned it, I borrowed it from the Library and wish it was on my "shelf" because of all the wonderful projects it has. It's right up there in the need to buy with the Mason-Dixon Knitting and the Knitting Rules! books, the latter will probably be the first of the three that I'll buy for the convinence of size and matter, but the other two wont be far behind. I also want the Yarn Harlots first book the self titled, Yarn Harlot and I just found such a great deal on At Knit's End that I had to buy it, $1.62 is right up my alley, its used but hopefully in good shape.
My first time joining in the Round, note to self dont do this when on vicadin in the hospital after a c-section (although the c-section thing should be taken care of, no more babies for me)
Another side view. I had to do some adjustments to the depth of the hat it was to shallow for my big headed baby, I seem to only have that problem on the newborn size, hence the stripes :D.
Detailed view of the lace work.
And here is a picture from the top, I love the way this decrease looks.

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