Merry Yule!!!

I'm sick. Of course this happens on the day that I need to cook a full turkey dinner and have no time to knit or rest. I'll post pics later. This is also the night that we open presents in our "small" family, then off to Hubby's 'rents on Christmas Eve and my 'rent on Christmas day, both all day events and exhausting. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get a few washcloths done to give as stocking stuffers, but we'll see. This head cold and fever thing sucks and it fortunately hit the hardest after I'd finished doing most of what needed to be done. Either way I feel lousy and I'm going to go to bed, I'll leave you one pic of my C1's socks taken with my new camera, not the best pic, not the camera's fault either. Yippie, new toys.

PS I just finished the newest Laurell K. Hamilton book Mistral's Kiss, It left me wanting more, sometimes I hate that in a good way. Cant wait to see what Merry will be up to next. Keep on writing Laurell, we love you.

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