Socks and my Daughter

I'm loving sock knitting. all I want to do now is buy sock yarn and knit socks :D. C1(child one, daughter the first) saw me knitting my first sock and trying it on to see how my foot progress was going, so she says "sock, sock" and I'm "yup, its going to be a sock" So she repeats and holds out her foot, I'm like okay and go find her some socks, she wont put them on, holds out her foot again and repeats "sock, sock" so now I'm knitting her a pair of socks and mine are on hold until I finish the second one. I also need to figure out how to fix a hole in her second sock because I seem to have not picked up a stitch in the right place, I'm not going to ripit because she is most likely only going to wear them around the house, they're of dk weight yarn and a bit bulky. She looks cute in them though, I'm going to make a matching pair in the same size so that the twins will have them when C1 grows out of them. Did I mention I'm loving sock knitting?

I've also learned I prefer dpns over circular needles, the yarn harlot was right.

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