Today is the big day, I'm 26, it doesn't feel any different than 25 but there it is. My parents got me a new nose ring since I some how lost my precious emerald, ::pout::. T didn't know what to get me so I told him to let me buy yarn, he wanted to get me the chair I've been wanting but its too much $$ right now. I told him it was the thought of him trying to find me something that counted. I got C1 to say "Happy Birthday Mommy", she has her version and she isn't hot on saying Mommy so she says "Me" at the moment of course because she doesn't want anything :P. My 'rents are taking me out to dinner tonight, I chose Olive Garden because it is fairly family oriented. This way there isn't any dishes to do. T goes in to the doc this afternoon to get a cyst removed from his back, it's been bugging him a lot, the last one was cancer free, so here's hoping this is too. I'm not too worried, cysts run in his family. Sorry about the run ons, I'm a bit tired and trying to get my lunch down before I have to pack up the girls and go go go.

On the yarn front, I bought a bunch of Sockatta, it's all discontinued colors and they're very pretty, I can't wait to get knitting them.

Well I should run, enjoy your day.


  1. happy birthday Sarah! Sorry it's belated. We have missed seeing your face. It's been awhile since I have seen you. Can't wait to see your socks at the party.