Well it's mostly over .....

The gift giving and receiving is mostly over, We have some Santa gifts to get at the in-laws on New Years Eve and a birthday to celebrate (although I don't expect anything for that, I've mostly gotten all my gifts already) but other than that, the chaos is done. The in-laws opening was chaos to its infinite end, paper everywhere and presents opened with no order at all, T and I were greatly bummed to miss the opening of some peoples gifts. We did it differently at the my 'rents, youngest to oldest, simple and orderly, the girls didn't mind nearly as much as I suspected they might because of the opening chaos the night before. Either way the girls made out like bandits and now its time for the new annual tradition of weeding out toys to give to goodwill.

On another note, the whole family now has a similar version of a pain in the ass cold, even the littlest is sneezing and coughing a bit. T is miserable and so am I, the girls are just whiny and tired from all the excitement. T and I spent most of our day today folding clothes and sorting out what we no longer need or want and putting gifts away. My 'rents got us a coffee pot with to thermos cups in it, well the water reservoir in the coffee maker has a hole in it so if you over fill it with water it leaks out all over the counter, we're going to return it for something without a hole. I also got the Corelle dishes I've been pineing over for quite a while and a gift card to go buy more if I would like. I also got the coolest cookie jar, I'll have to take a picture later, its actually a cookie 'jug' looking like an old jug, it is totally 70s but I love it, its an antique too, :D.

Well its about to be dinner time, I'll update some more later.

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