Day 2... almost missed it.

So I'm downstairs watching Scrubs and realized its 11:15pm and I haven't blogged yet, so here I am.

Today was one of those days, the kids testing their limits, T home but not able to really help because he was busy getting ready for the hunting season and getting the truck fixed. And me with a headache and a dead phone so I over slept and had to deal with that aftermath, fortunately the kids were still kind of sleepy when I got up, so I guess we all slept in.

I took a bunch of photos today of current projects for Ravelry and to do a needle recovery operation. I didn't get any knitting done, but I will for surely be knitting on Sunday. That's the day that I get to get out of the house on my own cause hubby feels bad that I was cooped up with the kids for most of the weekend for the third weekend in a row. I figure its just par for the season and I appreciate that he tries.

Knit night was good last night, lots of conversation and lots of me not shutting my mouth even when I know I should. I just crave the verbal communication that I tend to get a little overzealous sometimes. It's something that needs work and I've broken it down to something that really only happens every couple of months, so I seem to be improving, at least from my end I think I am. Other than that Knit Night was good, tomorrow I'm writing up the info for our Holiday get together, we have a lot more people in the group this year so it should really be fun.

Well I'm going to go veg some more and I'll be seen you tomorrow.

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