Just a run down of the evening...

So when T got home this evening, I got ready and went out to do some me time. Being as I'm not very good at me time yet, I went and got some dinner and than went over to my friend Rachel's house to help unpack. Some day I'll get it figured out, but I feel bad that I couldn't help her actually move, so I've been going to her place when I'm able to get out alone and helping pack her things or unpack as it so happens. Her new home is so nice and her loft is wonderfully cozy and warm. I can't wait until she gets some chairs to sit in, so we can really relax in there.

I got the second mitten started, worked on Gran's scarf some and in general just helped Rachel out where I could. We moved some things around and I'm sure will have to move some again to get it just right. I'm even going to give her a TV stand so we can knit and watch movies up there, of course I have to okay it with the hubby first and make sure it hasn't disappeared from the garage, we'll have to see how that all works out.

Tomorrow is to be a long day, off to the in-laws, T has things to do in the morning so I'm sure I wont get much help until the afternoon. Hopefully I'll get a chance to knit some, I really need to get knitting in every day if I'm even going to get a fraction of my list done. My biggest goals are to get the mittens and bears done for the kids, the scarf for Gran, the socks for m-i-l and the mitts for f-i-l. The kids scarves aren't dire, they have plenty to bundle up in and my mom's stuff has to wait until I find the yarn and all of T's stuff is definitely at the end of the list.

Before dinner this evening, I did what most that know me would be surprised about... I had a book spiral bound. I had a hard time watching them cut and punch my book, but I'm happy it was done. Selbuvotter (also here) was getting hard to knit from because it wouldn't stay open and now I've got no problem with that, it's awesome.

Well I should rest for the busy day ahead. Hope you all have a great day tomorrow, and those that are in the US please have a safe and happy thanksgiving.

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  1. 1. That holiday knitting countdown is scary.

    2. Thanks for reminding me about spiral binding knitting books. I might have to get my Selbuvotter bound before I actually knit something from it. No need to do that yet since I've got holiday knitting to get done first.