It's HERE...

The Winter 2007 Interweave Knits cam in the mail today, YIPPEE!!! Funny I also got my new check cards and checks, good day for the mail. Of course all this good mail karma means that my children are being exceptionally whiny, it's awesome.

So I'm think I really want to make the Celtic Tote, and I'm thinking maybe the yarn that is supposed to be used for it would be cool too. I don't think I've ever used the yarn suggested in a pattern before, so that would be really neat to do.

I finished the Tasseled Earflap Hat last night (sans tassel) for hubby, I decided to frog the whole thing and reknit and it looks a lot better. I'll take pictures tonight when he gets home, and now there is a request to make the Calorimetry for him (he uses it as a face guard) in the orange because he is feeling a bit on the colorful side with a green face mask, orange hat, and dark blue fingerless mitts. I guess it's just too much. We'll see.

Calorimetry Repurposed

The Infamous Fingerless Mitts for Hubby

Pattern: Fingerless Mitts pattern
Source: Twin Rib Fingerless Mittens/Wrist Warmers by Dawn Adcock but I made quite a few changes for my hubby's special needs.
Materials: Cascade 220 Heathers | 100% Peruvian Highland Wool
Original Purpose: Purchased for this purpose
Source: LYS, I can't remember which
Color: Heathered Blue | Color Number: 9414 | Lot Number: unknown
Needles: unknown size (Knitpicks)
Started: January 24, 2007 (?) | Finished: February 18, 2007

These were a pain to knit and seemed to take a lot longer than they actually did to knit because of mistakes and nagging from the hubby.


  1. I got my Interweave yesterday. I like that tote, too. I don't know that I'll make it anytime soon but I'll keep the magazine on hand for the future. Nice job on the mitts.

  2. Everyone keeps talking about the new Interweave Knits but i haven't seen it on the newsstands, at least not the ones I've been too yet. I really liked some of the patterns i saw online but I probably won't get around to making any of them, like I haven't gotten around to making any of the ones I marked in the past four issues.