I hate being Th*ick...

Man, I hate being sick, it gets old real fast. I only knit a few rows tonight, I really need to get my knit on. And I need to ask the hubby about Friday night and going to the Maplewood Mall to go see Debbie Stoller. I hope I can go.

Not much happening on the sickly front, the kids still feel lousy and so do mommy and daddy. Se has learned how to say "NO" quite well and also "Stop", which his sisters say to him quite regularly. Silly boy.

I'm hoping to feel well enough tomorrow to get some knitting done and get some pictures taken. I have some yarns that aren't shown with a pic on Ravelry and I would like to remedy that and my project photos.

Oh Man, I can not get the sneezes to go away, I hate sneezing. I think I blew out part of my back from sneezing so much, argh. Well I'm falling asleep typing this so I'm going to go finish cleaning the dining room and go to bed. Night all.

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