FO :: Calorimetry and one Crazy day...

Well I finished my Calorimetry other than sewing on a button, this evening during Heroes. It fits a little better than the last one, now to find just the right button.

I'm posting uber late tonight because I got sucked into tv land, damn time sucking vortex. I really need to learn to just turn it off earlier. I would have knit more after I finished the Calorimetry but my hands were hurting last night and tonight when I knit, I think it was the yarn.

The children were insane again this evening, Ra was being extra naughty all day today. She was pushing every button she could, figuratively and literally. I love my children but they can some days really know how to push, fortunately when they get like that I don't overreact I tend to more often get calm and just send them to the coroner and than call my hubby and tell him they are driving me nutty. Or I go and knit and calm down before I have a talk with her. I know she's only 2 and some change so I try not to be unreasonable, but no means no and she has enough chances to stop that she should at least get the whole stop doing it thing. I count and that usually works but not today with her, she is a stubborn one just like her daddy and mommy. I'm just happy I can look back and laugh now. I sure do love those goofy kids.

Se is learning to push now too, he loves to pull all the pans off their shelf when I'm in the kitchen cooking, oye.

Well tomorrow I plan to work on my socks and hopefully find the large amount of missing yarn that is all for one project, argh.

Night all.

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