It's Snowing.....

Well it isn't staying but we do have the first flurries of the year. I tried to take pictures but the snow doesn't want to be photographed. So I took this test instead :D...

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No knitting questions but what do ya do. I got this from someone else's blog but I can't remember who's because I was just doing the click links thing.

I did get out yesterday after about one o'clock, but T kept calling me so I felt rushed for being out and enjoying myself. I went to the yarn shop Knit'n from the heart in Woodbury and helped a lady figure out how to do a k2, p2 rib, that was cool. Then I grabbed dinner and headed over to Rachel's to help her pick up boxes and go have a visit at Starbucks and knit. It was great to hang out with my friend again, I missed the time we used to hang out together. I'm really excited for her that she is going to be a homeowner soon and have such a great new place to live.

At the yarn shop I purchased some yarn and a magazine to knit T a hat that was on the cover. The yarn is Cascade yarns Lana Grande in a great burnt orange and the magazine is Knit Simple Fall 2007, it's a really cool pattern. Only problem is that his head is bigger than the pattern can handle so I had to figure out how to up it and then when he tried it on this morning it was a bit to shallow so I need to pull back my decreases and fix that, I may just frog the whole thing and start again my added on stitches suck, but I'm kind of mad at the hubby right now so I may say I don't care. Also just a note, 2 hour pattern took 4 without tassels and braids and crochet, and I need to find a crochet hook somewhere size K.

Well the natives are restless so I'm going to go get breakfast started and hope they chill.

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