Entertainment Abounds... or Not

So today wasn't very entertaining, the kid were crazy this morning, T was gone out hunting/scouting for muzzle loader season, and when he got home I finally got to leave. I of course left way later than I intended, and I'm super frustrated because I'm missing some very important yarn and I'm fairly certain I've searched all the places it could be and it isn't. The yarn is for my mom's hat, scarf, fingerless mitt set and I wanted to swatch for the mitts today if I found the time. The yarn is also discontinued Memories colorway Red Hat, so I'm getting uber frustrated.

After the yarn search, I went over to my friends place to help her pack some of her stuff, she is moving Friday into her new home and is need of all the help she can get. I feel bad I can't help more, but this is the time of year in our area where many men and some women are hunting and not available. For our family, it can mean the difference between eating and having enough or not having enough and making sure at least the kids have what they need. Last summer we had a rough spot where if we hadn't had the venison in the freezer it would have been even tighter and tougher to live. It can be a hard concept for those not from the area to get, it's definately different than other places I've been. And my friend is right, it would be nice to have something that we could do that meant we were gone for two whole weekends plus and it all be in our eyes fun. I don't consider Ren Faire to be part of this because I'm working and I'm working hard. But like fiber/knitting camp would be really cool to do sometime, or maybe a trip to Rhinebeck or the like.

I forgot to tell you last night that my Ravelry shirt arrived. I showed it to my husband but he was like "I don't get it", I showed it to my friend who's a knitter and she laughed. So I guess this isn't a shirt for the slow or unknowing, but I think I'm okay with that. I'll try to get a picture for the blog tomorrow when hubby gets home.

Well off to bed, busy day tomorrow, lots of dishes to clean from the weekend and some laundry to finish, and a ton of sorting to do also. And don't forget all that holiday knitting. Oye.

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  1. I know, aren't the shirts cool? I wore mine to the Spinners guild expo over the weekend, and got a very nice comment from a little old lady who was just tickled by the slogan

    (here via the NaBloPoMo thread at Ravelry)