...Cheeckan Good...

Today we had oatmeal again, the kids love it, and I didn't over salt this time so things were good. The monkeys played their hearts out this morning and all laid down for naps at their regular times, it was great. I cleaned up my desk and the kitchen (some more) and started another holiday gift. This one is the scarf for my Gran, I wanted to get it started and the pattern figured out so I could have it as a take along knit. And if I don't think it's long enough, I found some places that sell the yarn and colorway.

For dinner the kids and I had chicken pre stuffed with wild rice stuffing, white rice (there wasn't a ton of stuffing and the kids aren't big fans of it either) and mixed veggies. Se's teeth were hurting so bad he didn't want to eat dinner, so he ended up with baby food, he was hungry, he just didn't want the dinner I made.

Before dinner and after naps, Courtney stopped by again with her Peanut, and the babes had a bawl playing and running around. I showed Courtney the wonders of Ravelry and we talked about some books we both like. Good times, I love it when people visit, it's a definite sanity break.

T is home from hunting, no deer yet. Hope he gets some soon. I missed him and so did the kids, Ju even told him so on her own. She's such a smart girl, I sure do love those kids. And I love T, too.

Not much knitting got done but if you look to your right side of the screen, you will see I've added a new section called Patterns. These are patterns I've created that you all can share, just don't claim them as your own, Thanks.

Of course, it would help if I knew how to add pdf files. Anyone??

ETA: Figured it out, googled it and found the answer I was looking for. :D

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  1. Hopefully this next longer weekend will provide you with some knitting time.