Monkey Movie Mania ....

The children have learned the wonder of TV, quite well, it's a treat when they are being good. And daddy bought them and me Shrek 3, so they are very excited to see it tomorrow. We've been on a Shrek kick lately and it's been driving me a bit batty watching the same two movies over and over the last few weeks. It will be nice to add to the repertoire.

While watching Kitchen Nightmares this evening I made a knitted version of one of these, I plan to felt it soon and than we'll know if it works. I didn't have any elastic so I'm going to add that afterwards, and I didn't do any beads because I don't have any, It's something I'll have to look into.

I still need to get some pics of my new Calorimetry to show you all. And I need to download my pics of T's new hat on to Flickr! for Ravelry, and so I can post it here. I may end up felting the Calorimetry a little because it still seems too big even on Size 5 US needles. Do any of you know if the stretch will still sort of be there if I only felt it a little?

I have at the very least 1 large pan of lasagna to bake tomorrow and possibly my version of a pot pie for dinner tomorrow, we'll see how things work out. I also realized I need to at the very least scan if not type up some of my favorite recipes in case I lose them. My meatloaf recipe is missing and I thought I had lost my lasagna recipe, so it may not be a bad idea.

Well not much to talk about, I worked on my Nov Mystery Socks some more today and I'm hoping I've got them all figured out, 3.25 repeats on one sock to go and 3.6 repeats on the other one. More tomorrow and hopefully some pics.

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