Ooo, yarn...

* Orange Crayon, * Green Crayon, * Yellow Crayon, Pink Crayon, Red Crayon, Purple Crayon, Blue Crayon, Lily Pad Multi Essential, Pumpkin Gloss, Nickel Plated 16in Circular Needle Size 0 (2.0mm), Peat Cadena, Wood Needle Tips Size 8 (5.0mm)

* indicates they are discontinuing

This would be the order that is hopefully coming from KnitPicks soon. I plan to knit a blanket as a gift with the crayon; the Lily Pad Essential is for a gift for my dad; the Peat Cadena is for my f-i-l for a gift; and the needles are always needed (the 8s were to try out the wood, and the 0s were an accident :D); and the Gloss is for my hopefully stranded pair of fingerless mitts.

Knit Night was good, I met a new person, Marge, very cool. And we talked about everything under the sun. I got one repeat done on one sock and almost done with one repeat on the other than I'll do the rest of my repeats on one than the other. After that its the heel flaps and I'll be all caught up. No knit night next week and after that holiday party decisions need to be made.

Well I'm off, in more ways than one.

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