Quarantine Zone...

Wow, squeaking this one right on the wire. I've been sick all day and feel absolutely lousy, the kids aren't feeling well either so it's been real fun. T came home and he's still feeling yucky, so we're a fun bunch to be around. I'm thinking the house needs to be on quarantine. The kids and I, watched the Hallmark channel all afternoon and had a nap earlier on.

No knitting to speak of today, I'm feeling so achy that I just didn't want to pick up the needles. I'm hoping I'll feel better tomorrow and that this cold will kick it before Thursday. I had a dentist appointment on Wednesday, but I'm feeling lousy enough that I'm going to move the appointment again so I don't get anyone at the dentist office sick as well.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, may you all feel better than I and my family. I'm off to bed to hopefully kick this cold.

ETA: I just noticed that Blogger offers down to seconds of when your blog is posted but doesn't actually add/account for the seconds at all. So it show the time as 11:45:**, ** being whenever the seconds would be but only ever shows no matter how many seconds, 11:45:00, very odd.

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