Time is closing in....

So everyone is definately improving. I'm even knitting more again. I finished weaving in the ends on Viv's 2nd mitten and Ruby's 1st mitten and now I'm on the stranding of Ruby's 2nd mitten. I changed up the design a little and I really like it. Pics tomorrow, I promise.

Well two more days in November and I've not decorated, don't have cards yet, and don't have a clue on Holiday gifts for anyone other than what I'm knitting for people. And I've got a lot of that to do. I'm at 2 out of an absolute 18 finished I could cut six out of that and if it gets down to the wire probably 3 more but I'm hoping to get the 18 done. Now I have to wait for the rest of my wool-ease to get here for the other mittens after I finish this one. Also I'm still on the search for the yarn I purchased to knit up for my mom and that is really grating on my nerves that it's missing.

Well T wants to watch the Shrek Holiday special with me, so I'm going to go and get some more knitting done and blow my nose. Which reminds me, do any of you that bother to read this blog know of a way to definately kill germs on something you've knit. I was considering microwave or freezer, but wool-ease is machine washable (I believe) so I may just throw the mittens in the machine to take care of germs. The other problem is my Gran's scarf, that is all wool so I may have to find something to disinfect that, any ideas would be grand.

Have a nice night, sweet dreams, and if you live in a cold area -- Stay Warm.

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  1. Sorry I'm no help on the disinfecting/cleaning of items. For the girls mittens, I'd just wash them in the machine. As for your Gran's scarf, I'd wash it by hand with something like Eucalan, and let it air dry. Maybe spray Lysol on it??? That is not a tested theory, just a wacky thought.