Thundersnow Redux...

So I'm just hanging out with the monkeys and T's Aunt Karen and her son Ben and the kids are playing and Karen and I are having conversation, when Boomm, Rumble, Rumble, Rummmble. Thundersnow, and it was really coming down. It was so cool, I love anomalies like that. I also sent Karen to a lys she hadn't been to before, Knit'n from the Heart. I hope she likes it.

I worked on the sock last night and my calorimetry this morning/afternoon and I got a short snooze in after watching Simply Irresistible with Ju. So overall it's been a decent day. The kids are waking and I still have Mexican chocolate pies to bake for tomorrow and outfits to find. T and I are also supposed to be going out tonight for our annual before hunting season date. We're going to go see a movie and do a little house shopping, should be interesting.

Well I should go, you all have a great evening and I'll be posting tomorrow.

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