What am I going to say.....

So I'm going to write about the start of the mystery sock for the SKA group on Ravelry. I'm really liking the pattern but I'm hating my cast on and I might frog it and start over, it was too loose a cast on and left it kind of yucky looking. I'm thinking on it, at least it isn't too tight, maybe when it stretches it will look better. I'll probably cast on a second sock and see how it looks and if I still don't like the first one I'll then frog and reknit.

On another note, I'm also in need of working and finishing the latest pair of fetchings, I'm just kind of getting bored with the pattern, I think it's just that I've knit 2 pairs and I'm on my third. I was going to knit my mom a pair too, but I may do something different.

I'm supposed to get to go out and about today, but we'll see what happens, I'm thinking a coffee shop and some quite knitting is in order. Here's hoping.

Also, don't forget to change your clocks back one hour if you live in a place that does that. It's that time of year again.


  1. You've done better with the Fetching than me. Still about 8 or 9 rows and a thumb away from finishing the pair I made with magic loop. I think they may become a Christmas present for my sister.

  2. So what are you using for the Mystery Sock? Looks loverly...I have some Cherry Tree Hill stuff that I might attempt and if I don't like it I might switch to the Baudelaire...

    I meant to get out to JoAnn's for yarn shopping and never did...but tomorrow will be good since the husband will be at practice...