Mmmm Pie....

So not much in the land of knitting happened today, I made pies instead. Today was the pie party/m-i-l's 50th surprise birthday party, I made Mexican Chocolate Cream Pie, it was very good. Very cinnamon-y, but very good. I think my m-i-l's pie was the best, but that was really no surprises, my mom's was very good too, but wasn't officially a pie so I don't know if it would have qualified for the vote that we never actually took :D. I think I'm destined to be the one that makes the good but odd pies and I'm kind of okay with that.

The kids had a really good time and got to play and eat sugar to their hearts contents, fortunately they wanted veggies too. My m-i-l purchased a ball pit type bouncing thing that they all love.

I think that my m-i-l really liked the rolling pin we (I) got her, it was a hand turned french style rolling pin and it was really nice. I really hope she liked it as much as she said she did.

Well today was a very long day, so I'm thinking it's bed time, I did knit a few rows on my Calorimetry but not much. I just didn't have the time. It was really great to see so many friends and I finally got the measurements for my m-i-l feet so that I can make her a pair of socks for the holidays. I'm also making plans for an original fingerless mitts design, here's hoping it all works out :D.

Well night all, see you tomorrow.

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