Almost to the end of it all....

So I'm posting early so that I don't run into issues coming home from Knit Night. T's take the monkeys over to his parents so he can watch the Packer/Cowboy game and I can still do knit night. Ain't that sweet. I'm still unsure about tomorrow night. Can you believe that the holidays are upon us and well I know I'm not ready. I think the time between Thanksgiving and Yule/Christmas has gotten shorter. Seriously.

My yarn for mittens hasn't come yet, still waiting impatiently :P. But I did find my missing yarn for my mom's gifts. YIPPIE!!! It was in the one place I didn't think I would stick it, of course. Now all that stuff is back on the list, but I have something knit already for her for the holidays themselves so I'll be happy if I get stuff done before the season is over.

Now I promised you some pictures so here we go:

Pattern: NHM #5 page 96
Source: Selbuvotter by Terri Shea
Materials: Lion Brand Wool-Ease Heather (both yarns) | 20% Wool, 80% Acrylic
Source: Jo-Ann's in Woodbury, MN
Color: Grey Heather | Color Number: 151
Color: Natural Heather | Color Number: 98
Needles: US 2 (2.75mm) Knitpicks 16" circulars
Started: November 16, 2007 | Finished: November 28, 2007
Notes: I actually finished on the 24th but I didn't weave in my ends until the 28th. These are a gift for Miss Vivian and I think they are just darling.

And a little view of Miss Ruby's gift:


  1. Beautiful mittens! I'm such a fair isle wimp. Thanks for your comments on my cable Hug--I'd love to see your version when you finish it. I definitely think it'd adapt well to knitting in the round. Good luck!

  2. The mittens turned out beautifully and you whipped them out so fast.

    Glad to hear you found the yarn. I have yarn stashed all over my house and have had similar problems of missing yarn.

  3. The mittens are really gorgeous!