It's very loud today.....

So today has been a day, lots of yelling and screaming (not all bad) but very loud. The tweedels are extra whiny today, I'm figuring they may be growing. Last night I think, no I swear, Se said "Whasthat" just like that. it was awesome and T missed it.

I'm nervous about doing the next part of my Mystery Sock there seems to be a lot of confusion, I'm going to be sure to put in a life line for the cuff. I'm going to switch to magic loop for the leg of the sock because I have the needles for it and I can actually do both socks on their own needles. Should be interesting :D.

I also want to knit another project but I have so many to do that I'm a bit overwhelmed as to where to start. I think I may dig out my calorimetry, although I could also start the mitts for my mom. I still don't know what socks to knit for my m-i-l, I'm going to have to measure her this weekend. Of course, getting her to stay still long enough to do this is near impossible but fingers crossed.

Tonight is my Shire's Business Meeting, and than off to knitting and I'm going to bring my spinning wheel and maybe even get a lesson. We'll see if I do this or not but I'll try. I also need to get the ingredients for a pie, of course I have no idea what I'm making yet, that's my next goal before I leave. So I'm off to do that and listen to my tweedles whiny away, oye I've got a headache.

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