Froggin' it.... I'll show you...

Another on the wire post. Today was a long one but at the same time when I look back it actually flew by. Got up with the kids, did the whole routine, wound some yarn, payed some bills, received some yarn in the mail. Completely finished one mitten and played with the munchkins.

This afternoon Courtney and her daughter "Peanut" stopped by and played with Ju and Se, the tweedles were down for naps, their craziness was a bit on the mellow side today but still they are 2. Peanut and my monkeys had a great time running around and playing like crazy. I invited Courtney and Peanut to stay for dinner but the playing so hard finally one out and the lil' one was wearin' down, so they went home. It was great to see the kids play and to see Courtney out and about. We decided we should definately do it again sometime.

This evening after dinner and bedtime, I watched my shows and taped the ones required by hubby and knit. I worked on my socks, and frogged the second sock. The pattern got messed up somewhere and couldn't find the right place to start again. So I frogged the whole sock and will start it again after I get this one up to date. I have until Thursday to get caught up, than it's more mittens.

Speaking of mittens, a lady on Ravelry had a whole bunch of Wool-Ease on major discount, for sale from her stash and the colors would work great for the munchkins. So I'm buying it off of her, it's going to be a mitten chrismahanaquanzayuleica this year for the munchkins and if I have time little mini teddies to match. Cross your fingers for me.

So in ending I'm going to add some pics of my first ever stranded mitten. (Ju is my lovely model in the first pic :) )

PS I opened my Harmony tips and oh my goodness they are impeccably smooth, yum, I can't wait to try them out.


  1. It sounds like, with a full day, you were able to get a lot done with the knitting front.

    The mittens turned out lovely. So, what is the final count of mittens to be knit and teddy bears to go with them?

  2. 6 children total, 2 nieces and my 4 children, yikes, better get going.

    I didn't really get much done, half a 16 row repeat on the sock is really all after I frogged it's mate.