If I could be sweet.....

So I'll do a couple photos today for my post. Later I'm going shopping with my mom, we're just going to get out of the house together with the kids. It should be nice, now that I no longer live there, we fight way less. That's not to say that we don't fight, but it's like a once a year thing instead of 30 times a day thing (just so you know that was an exaggeration), I guess were a lot a like, I just like to think I'm cooler and way less annoying. Which means that I have the same view every child has of their parents, they are so not cool and they embarrass us, not that she does that anymore. But on another tangent, I'm going to show you some pics and explain them as the month goes by:

Or Not, the server is down and the kids are being insane so I'll try again later for the pics.

AOTN: Fetching for a Friend, November Mystery Socks, and a bunch of UFOs that should be.

(AOTN = Actively On The Needles)

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