So, it's been crazy busy around here and I've had no time to knit on the shawl or anything else.

Saturday: SCA event for the Shire, River Revel II. I was busy from the time I got up until the time I got home and went to bed. The event went well, we had more people than we thought we were going to get so that was cool. And we had a lot of people there that are at least some what known in this area if not the whole kingdom and they said that they would push for even more people to come next year. We're very close to two very large groups that could easily come and play but many choose not to, and that sucks for our shire. I'll find out Thursday how everything pays out and if we lost money on another event or if we actually broke even/gained. I will say I am very happy with the quality of people that came if it isn't going to be quantity.

Sunday: The Twin's Birthday Party, that morning we accidentally all slept in until 8:30a, so the day started off with a run, and I still wanted to sleep more. I did some quick grocery shopping, baked a cake, made a noodle salad, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, T did the rest of the house, bless him. We had a decent turn out considering the late invites, I told everyone way early but didn't get invites out until the last minute. We had plenty of food, and just enough pineapple carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, pics to come. I finally got to start reading HP7 that evening after the monkeys were all in bed and everyone left, I read until 1am and decided I needed to sleep and then read all day Monday until just before T got home. He of course bought himself a copy just in time to read mine :D. We'll give one to my sis for her birthday and all will be alright with the bookcase :P.

Tonight, T is at fight practice and I think I may just go to bed, I should knit on the shawl but at this point I'm so far behind whats one more day.

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