Poll for you all.

I just purchased three balls of Bernat Felting Natural Wool in English Rose. Now if you knew my Gran you would see this yarn and say that it was her exactly. The few issues are that there is only 84 yards/77 meters per 75 g/ 2.6 oz and I have only three. She is a fairly tall woman and she is English so I want something with lots of English taste. What would be the best pattern for this type of yarn? Would a simple cable look nicer than a lace or vice versa?


Thanks for your vote.


  1. Hi Sarah,

    I've made three scarves this year: one in garter, one in a ribbed, and one funky one. You can check them out here:


    My first two scarves each took over 400' of yarn, with my first scarf using the most.

    So, I guess given that your Gran is tall and you only have 252yards I would think something that is stylish yet simple.

    How's that for ambiguity? :)

  2. What's the gauge of the yarn? Cables are always classy, but if they yarn is too big they could get kind of bulky.

  3. Very Ambiguous, thanks Kristin:D

    It says 13 sts x 17 rows per 4 inches, J, I was planning a one repeat of either lace or cable depending on the polls.

    Thanks for voting guys.