Paging all of your stashes out there.

My friend is in need of some help, if you have any please either email me or her. She can also be seen at her blog.

Seeking Fortissima Socka
Posted by: "Liz" valkyr8 AT yahoo DOT com valkyr8
Tue Jul 17, 2007 7:38 am (PST)
Greetings TC Knitters.

I'm running out of options so I am seeking help from my fellow
knitters. I am trying to find 1, 100 gr skein of Schoeller and Stahl
Fortissima Socka 100 (75% wool, 25% poly) in color #2048 (natural).

I purchased this yarn last summer from a local yarn shop in St. Paul
that no longer carries this color or this brand since I am unable to
order another skein from them. I did order 2, 50 gr skeins online,
but the dye lots did not match close enough and my socks (knee highs
with colorwork) are already up to the calf. I would prefer to avoid
re-knitting both socks with a new dye lot (or different yarn) so I'm
attempting another option first.

I'm placing a call to fellow knitters to look through your stash with
the possibility that you may have a skein of this yarn floating about
somewhere. If you do, I would be more than happy to trade the 2, 50
gr skeins for your 1 skein. I probably only need 50 gr left to
finish this project and I have no problem exchanging my 100 gr for a
50 gr or partial skein if I can find a matching dye lot. If you don't
have this yarn but have seen this yarn/ color available at your LYS,
let me know.

Thanks everyone.


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