Gettin' My Learn On

So I took a lace chart reading class tonight, very good confidence
booster. Only problem one of my issues has been resolved for me in 2
different ways by 2 different people. Well it's sort of fixed, I said
fooey on the gauge swatch they lie anyways and I'll just knit the shawl
hoping it all works out in the end. Otherwise, the class was very nice,
unfortunately I was a little to advanced for the class, but it was a
great boost in my abilities trust. The shawl is started and now I need
to knit knit knit. I'll show you a pic tomorrow.

Well time for some sleep, We have an SCA meeting tomorrow night and
hopefully a HP viewing.


  1. yeah lace! I'm a recent convert since I've started both Eunny's Print O' The Wave Stole and the Mystery Stole 3. Looking forward to seeing your work...

  2. I hope you are coming after your meeting. I'm looking forward to your pics on the Gallery. I thought the baby fence was brilliant!