I'm feeling rather spoiled....and its all for a laugh.

I waited to post this because I thought it deserved a definite viewing on the blog. I'm feeling quite warm and fuzzy by the showering of gifts for such a simple thing as a laugh, but sometimes that is what is needed in ones day. Well, Jen, you made mine, twice over, you should have seen me dance when I got both packages.

From Left to Right GingerMints, a Beautiful coffee mug, Sockotta sock yarn, Chocolates that Juju is trying to filch, Note, 4 oz Organic Fair Trade Sumatra (haven't tried yet), Kittie key chain that 'Meows' and has a light in it's mouth, 12 oz Organic A & E Breakfast Blend (yummy).

Juju thought that this was her gift in the bag, Daddy has gotten the girls addicted to Bubble Wrap.

Another Lovely note, saying she was sorry she hadn't sent these in the first package. It was fine with me, more fun stuff to open. Aren't all of these lovely and very very nicely made. Top Left: 4 fimo clay markers, Bottom Left: 10 lace & sock sized markers with very simple beads ( I love that ), Next Over: Stop 'n Go set of 5, and Far Right: 5 Dice Markers (these remind me of Roleplaying :D)

Quick explanation on the Stop 'n Go, the back states "Stop 'n Go Stitch Markers show you where to work incs! When you come to a green marker, GO past it, then work your inc. When you come to a red one, STOP, work your inc., then move on. Genius.

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  1. So glad you like it, Sarah! Great big hugs to you and yours!