Mom... it was her birthday yesterday, she's 39 again :P, I'm much in the due category for gifts, I have the yarn but owe her a hat/scarf/mitt set, I'm thinking a lace tam and lace scarf set with a designed to coordinate fingerless mitts. But the almost done shawl of doom must be done first and I have a pair of socks and two slingshots to do first from christmas, although they wont take long compared to this shawl. Speaking of I need to go work on that right now.

Happy Birthday Mom.

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  1. I realize I'm like four letters behind, but I wantd to say something about IKEA... I too like their products as a mid-step up from the cheaper Target stuff. I dont' bother with the better Target stuff because it changes over too fast and if you want to expand or get more, you never know if you'll find something that matches. I think what I like about IKEA it is that I know they will have it, they are rarely out of things and I can look at the catalog before hand and go get what I want... plus everything looks good together, I don't have to worry about things mismatching too much. Not a big fan of the assembly (too often I've had things where the pre-drilled holes weren't quite lined up or deep enough...I manage to fix it, but I'm sure alot of people have trouble) but I am generally happy with the end product.