Burns.. more specific a scald from hot water but same dif happened today. I seem to be prone to injury in the kitchen, I burn my self around 70% of the time. It rocks! It's like I'm paying homage and giving sacrifice to the kitchen gods for food that is good. Normally I'm more likely to injure myself in the oven but this evening it was pasta water, it got me through a sweatshirt, sweatshirt front pocket, and heavy tank top. Mind you my phone, which was in said pocket, never got touched but yet my belly hurts from the scalding hot water. Witch Hazel made it feel a little better but still it hurts. I should be fine by tomorrow or the day after but still it sucks. I'm sick of being injured in the kitchen, but I guess the birthday cake went off without a hitch in the injury dept so I had to pay somehow.

I know this is a lame letter today but it's better than what I originally didn't have planned, so there ya go.

Off to do some more shawl knitting, I go, I go.

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