Cold, I'm sick of it. I love winter, I love snow, but I've had my fill. And like all things, moderation is key. I've had more than my moderate share and I'm done. I'm sick of my hands, toes and nose being cold, it's difficult when any or all of those are chilled and you're wrapped in a comforter and trying to knit all at the same time. I can do it but it's very clunky. I'm very much looking forward to more spring weather, because when I put on a sweater, a pair of socks and a blanket and I'm still chilled, I get very frustrated. Doesn't the weather know I have a shawl to knit, I need my hands most of all to do this. The cold makes my wrists cramp even more than normal and that can be very painful and frustrating. I hope that I can defeat this and get the shawl done, because like my sister said yesterday "16 more days" and that was yesterday so I guess it's more like 15 now. Argh, rant finished, need to continue to knit, knit, knit.

(I do realize that I did this to myself, but guess what, my blog, my place to vent just a little, even if this was boneheaded of me)

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