Love.. Things I love are my husband, my kids, to knit, my extended family, my in-laws, my time with my hubby, my time with the kids, my time alone/away, music, reading, sleep, not feeling like crap, quite time, happy kids, baby/kid laughs, hugs, kisses, a tidier home than mine, naps, movies, good food, theatre, well fitted clothes, buying yarn and accessories, shopping, going out, staying in, feeling good, not worrying, snuggling with the hubby, cuddling with the munchkins, having fun, roleplaying with friends, holding newborns, helping others, being genuinely wanted, honesty, truthful friends, taking pictures, hanging out knitting, less drama, camping sca-ish style, having game night with one of T's and my friends, and I'm sure there is more but I can't think of it now.

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