When I think of the letter A, I think of my sister Amanda. She is the first one/thing to pop into my head when I have o think about what to write about the letter A. Amanda is a good person and sister, she tries hard and always means well. She's still young, and always will be to me, she is my little sister after all. Amanda is about to get married to a very nice guy named Randy, or Red Truck Randy if you're our family. I'm very excited for her and him to start a wonderful life together.

Amanda and I are going to do the first thing we've done alone together since I was 16 and she was 11/12. We're going to go to a day of lectures on Medieval costuming, and I'm very excited. Not only am I excited for the lecture, but I'm thrilled to get to spend this alone time with my sister as we drive down and back. I'm kinda hoping she will do the brunt of the driving so I can work on her wedding shawl.

Speaking of the shawl, I think she is the only person, until my children are grown, that I would knit such a large and time consuming gift on such a deadline. And I plan to have it done for the wedding even if I can't knit for a while after I'm finished.


This letter was brought to you by Nablopomo's goal of letters for every day in April.

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