England.. I miss it, more so Scotland but both have a very special place in my heart, right along with Ireland too. For those not aware, I lived in Scotland for 3 1/2 months for school and visited both England and Ireland while there. I also have a Grandmother directly from England that lives in the states now but misses England very much. And I have family over there. T and I were going to take our honeymoon over there, mostly Scotland, but than two days after we got married we found out we were pregnant with Ju. So there went those plans, and while I was over there, T couldn't come visit because it cost so much to fly and he didn't have the vacation either. I so wanted to share the experience with him and the honeymoon was going to be our chance. Well that never happened and even now 8 years later I'm still a little sick in my missing of such a wonderful beautiful place. Maybe someday I'll get to go again and bring T along too.

ETA: This posted on Friday but I posted it on Saturday. I wrote it on Friday and waited to post, not realizing the date stamp would be wrong.

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  1. I hope you two do get your chance to visit again. I miss it too, mostly England. I really, really want to be back there this summer to see David Tennant and Patrick Stewart in Hamlet with the RSC. Sigh.