Knitting.. Kinda obvious this one. I love to knit, it's a wondrous thing, I love everything that is but the pain in my hands when I can't take decent breaks because of a deadline. But I digress. I learned to knit many years ago from my Gran but it never really clicked for me. Every few years I would try again but it just wasn't the right time yet. Then a few years ago I started to knit again and it just clicked. Now, I've psyched myself out a few times on different stitches and the like, but not for long. I kind of consider myself a fearless knitter because honestly what is the worst that could happen, you have to rip it out and try again. It's not like a lot of other crafts out there where once it's cut/stamped/sewn it's kinda got to be that or it's garbage. Sometimes yes you can salvage but really knitting is just one of those things where if you really hate what it looks like or it's all a mess you can rip back and fix it and all is well. And I do make mistakes, quite often actually, but I'm willing to either just deal with them (like in the shawl, it's a time crunch people) or I'll go back and fix it and no one will know but me. I've tried socks, lace, and fair isle all on a whim because I hadn't done it yet and how hard could it really be, and you know what it wasn't. I love to knit and I've really found myself in knitting, I feel I belong with it and that it was definately something that was missing in my life before. I wish I could make a living at it but I don't know if I really want to at the same time. I just hope that I never have to stop and that this shawl doesn't kill me before I get to the end.

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