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So I left early from SnB tonight because my lovely and talented sister came with me. She is learning how to KNIT. Yea! Next stop the land of purl. She ripped back her yarn 3 times on her own, remembered how to long tail cast on and start again, other than some minor yarn holding too tight tension problems, she ROCKS. She wanted something to do while in Alaska for 5 months by her self and decided this would be useful and fun. I'm going to miss her on her trip/internship but I think it will be a great growing experience.

Well not much knitting, my hands have been hurting and I've been a little too stressed and distracted, but I have some plans in my head as to what will be up next.

This last Saturday I was at an SCA event in Rochester, it was fun but a lot of court and I couldn't hear well over jabber jaws Se and how quite everyone spoke, ah well. Good times by all, (and yes I realize that coronation is supposed to be a lot of court, but it sucks when theres a lot and you cant here it.)

I also won to things at the silent auction they were having, a dress for $10.00 and a easily portable Chess table for T, mosaic style and very nice for $25.00. Good times, good times.

Well Night.

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