Friday, Saturday, shopping, accosted

So we've been having a busy weekend and it's only half over. My hubby took Friday off so week could work on the house and we actually did. We painted trim, the corners in the 2nd kids room and worked on some garden stuff. Ju got some peat moss in her eye and had to be coddled for half the day, I can understand the hurt but she would giggle and then all of a sudden if you wanted her to do something, scream, cry, whine, grr. Anywho, then Jacque and Rachel came over, we did dinner and burned things (I just found out today we probably shouldn't have because of the dryness but we had a hose right there and watered around our off the ground fire pit). Then T got a call from his cousin Bill and he and Jacque went out to the "metropolis" of Hammond and had a few down at the bar.

Today, we slept in, or I should say T did and I attempted and failed. I messed around with the kids. T got up helped a little and than off to Menards/Fleet Farm again for things he forgot the day before, and he still forgot some things I picked up late tonight (or should I say yesterday since its past midnight, nah haven't been to bed yet still Saturday in my head). T cut some trim to put in the room only to not have enough painted and/or painted properly, argh. I did some grocery shopping in the town over, came home, had to run back I had forgotten the charcoal for the grill. Came back home again and made my first batch of potato salad, and if I don't say so myself, it wasn't too bad. The potatoes were a little over done, but what can I say, I kept getting distracted by children. After dinner we played outside for a bit to really wear the kids out and Ju got to watch the end of Godzilla, she told Matthew Broderick's character to stay away from Godzilla, I believe her words were, "Get back", I'll have to ask T. Super Cute, she is talking so much now. When she was done with that she gave kisses and went to bed, I don't know what T did because I left.

I got to leave the house by myself. I know you may need to sit down after that one. I ran over to Woodbury, near where I go for knit night on Thursdays, I went to see if the new yarn shop was open but it wasn't and then I went to Borders to drool all over books. I purchased Knitting Vintage Socks for myself, The Knitter's Companion for my sister as a going away gift (more about that in a minute), a book for Ju and the crew on words, definitions, and pictures all together, and a couple blank books. Then one round on the sock since I'm a putz and had spent all my time debating what book to buy since the ones I really wanted weren't there. Over heard some crazy discussions while knitting said round. It went something like this:
Bleached Blonde High Schooler (BBHS): "I just realized the other day that I'm not the center of the universe." [this is to her friend]

Some other rather load chatter from across the room and just so you all know I was completely across the cafe when she was speaking of this.

Up stands two cute young girls to leave (not the two HS that are talking). One leaves, the other gets up to go talk to BBHS, we'll call her Super Christian Girl (SCG).

"Hi, I'm ___ I just wanted to ask you, are you Christian. Because I saw you smile at me when I walked in and just new that you were."

"Yes" and than she gets really quiet and I can't really hear the conversation, which is fine with me. I know it was something about school, church, and names but other than that just garble.

SCG leaves, I smile nicely when she makes eye contact, out stage left/front of the store.

BBHS and friend get up and talk about what just happened giggling.

I get up to wrap said sister's gift, I was thinking of doing this while they chatted.

I'm wrapping, thinking I'm free and clear, when SCG and friend come back in to ask who, ME.

SCG: "Are you Christian?" blah blah (something else can't quite remember)

"Nope, I was when I was younger though" (Dumbass shut up, this is to myself)

SCG: "What were you?"

Me: "Lutheran but I don't do Church anymore"

SCG: "Oh, I was Lutheran but now I'm Episcopalian" then something about going to her church and my interest, I'm not listening very well because I'm trying to find an out.

Me: "No thanks, I don't think so"

SCG: "Oh, well I'll pray for you"

Me: "Uh, thanks." (thought, yeah um just don't, too polite to say that)

SCG and friend really leave and I damn near run to the car so I'm not accosted again.

Now don't get me wrong, you believe what ever you want to believe, but I don't want to know. I keep mine to me and you keep yours to you and we'll be great, shoot I'm not even going to say what my beliefs are here because none of you probably care and I'd rather talk about knitting but I need to get this off my chest. Oye friggin' vay. I just seem to attract the extremes of a crowd, this isn't my first time someone has tried to get me to go to church, and when in the hell did smiling start equaling being Christian, I mean really can't I just be nice. I don't get it. And it isn't just Christians other religious groups and even political groups have tried to sway me, I guess I'm just too stubborn.

After Borders I did a quick run to Walley World and then came home, I really dislike it when the move things around, you can't just get in and out quickly, you have to search. And Borders and Walley World moved things around on me, grrr.

Anywho, tomorrow's another busy one, I'm supposed to get to sleep in, we'll see. Then T goes to do his working out and than off to my 'rents for a going away party for the sis. I can't believe it but I'm going to kind of miss her, especially the free babysitting :D.

Chat with you later, oh and I may be adding a pic link thing to my sidebar with the books on knitting I own and/or would like to own.

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