How can that be....

That the Yarn Harlot is even funnier in person than on her blog, the laughing was so loud that C4 (Se, is what I'm going to work with now the C thing was lacking)started crying. He also tried to talk over the YH which I thought was cute but tried to stop, its hard to get a 6 mth old to stop jabbering, I hope Stephanie didn't mind. I with some other gals in the Woodbury Knitting group gave Steph a gift. I bought a 1/2# Papua New Guinea French Roast from Dunn Bros., a Lindt Milk Chocolate Bar, a set of Susan Bates Sock needles size 000-1 US and another set of size 2 (in pretty colors and purchased in an actual store), two balls of Sockatta sock yarn Discontinued, two needle cases, and G threw in the cutest mini sock key chain sock form with a knitted sock attached that looked like a pair G had made for herself. Over all it was wonderful and I wish her the best of luck on her travels and hope the coffee helps keep her spirits up. She is Awesome and totally ROCKS!

The knitters that wanted to be there were said to have been able to double the 400 or so that attended, next time she comes by we'll need a bigger venue. I won a $10 gift certificate for Cafe Latte, and used it right after the talk, I won it for having the youngest already born baby, go Se. Found out there should be at least two more books. YES! I hope the YH takes care of herself on her travels and doesn't have any more flight issues. (I think that's the mom in me talking :P)


Sorry about the blurriness.

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  1. all right, I will try this again tonight and see if it works. Loved meeting you last night and the thought of four kids under four still makes me dizzy. Where in WI do you live??? Should have known. I am in RF. Jill