Remember when . . . .

So I'm digging through the stash and you remember back in August when I got RAKed, well I'm still not doing the fetching gloves for myself, slacker, but I'm thinking of doing the Calorimetry from Knitty. The cold weather just doesn't want to go away and last Thursday at knitting group a girl had one and I thought "Well shoot that shouldn't give me headaches. So I'm digging through the small stash I have and I'm looking at all my RAKed stuff and trying to decided what I should knit with, since it's still my biggest part of my stash other than the sock yarn and kitchen cotton both not ideal for this pattern. I'll let you know how I fair on color and yarn decisions later. For now it's letting the screaming horde out of their chairs so they can play a little before nap.

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