Will you be My Valentine? :P

I'm still kind of in a funk, I think it's all the weather and lack of funds to do anything outside the house. We have our last shire meeting tonight, it's sad but hopefully we can get things going again after some time away to breath. We still have a yahoo group for if we ever want to get back together for anything. The webpage is officially down, but I have everything saved on the external HD so if we want to begin again we haven't lost everything.

I've got over 8000 stitches done on the shawl but that's barely 10% and that really sucks. So I'm off to go do some more knitting, I'm hoping to be done with chart A by tomorrow evening, we'll see what fate brings my way before then.

Oh yeah, and Happy Valentine's Day to all of you, I don't expect much on today because our anniversary for when we started dating is on the 18th and I always figured that was more important (12 years can you believe it, I can't) so Happy V day to all of you.

Here's a little romance music...

I love this song

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  1. Talk about parallels. I just had to decide this week that our Tuesday night craft circle in my home got cancelled so many times (changes in people's lives) that we might as well just not do it anymore.

    And then, the 20th will be Gryphon's and my wedding anniversary. :)

    Happy Valentine's Day!