So to let you know, we had the "plague" last week, which is why I didn't even try to post. I did feel better by Thursday but didn't feel like sitting anymore so I went to Knit Night and stayed away from mostly everyone by at least a foot.

On Sunday, I went out for a few hours because T was gone most of Saturday. I went to The Yarnery and bought a couple discount books, a notion card for my knit bag and some yarn (finally) for my S-i-l and Hubby's (hand knit) (belated) Christmas gifts. Now after I finish the current dice bag I'm making (I'm thinking of selling them), I'll knit those and have them to them hopefully soon, and don't worry I'm still working on the shawl (ravelry link) and will get around to posting pictures one of these days, I'm almost done with chart A, Yippie! It's only a small victory because I still have a lot to do and with the kids jumping all over me all the time it makes it difficult. Speaking of the shawl, I think I'll go work on it now and let the girls watch a movie at the same time, that should keep them entranced for a little bit. I'm thinking The Last Unicorn, it was on sale at Target and I couldn't miss getting it.

Also, one more thing, Nablopomo is doing it again and again, the person that runs this in November every year is now going to do a contest for every month and I signed up. So March will be a heavy post month, with lots of babbling and maybe some random lists, being that's the theme for March.

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