Well I promised an explanation.....

Here is my first fair isle knit, it's a hat for C4, my newest, he keeps growing and that includes his head. I did a skull motif so he would look tough :D. as you can see it's not great and there are some definite issues, namely, the twists behind to carry the yarn showing through and its a little tight where the skull bones are at the top, I was getting impatient and pestered by DH by then about this being C4's 4th hat and he still waiting for his fingerless mittens. I'm working on that now, hence the next picture of Cascade 220 The Heathers Color 9414 (Blue) Lot 5476, I plan to make his mitts and a hat from the three skeins I purchased and I may pick up some more for a scarf. I'm loving knitting with it, I got it on sale and even though I had to rip back it is wonderful, my personal technique is probably not much to desire but what to do other than practice. I did swatch but I'm not listening to it and I'm jumping ahead anyway, I want the tighter knit and it's really stretchy so I hope it works out.

I have some more pics to show you as well of some of my most recent purchases, Of course these were all purchased before I knew that our fridge would keel over, dumb fridge. There is my most recent Knitpicks purchase for a hat, Hat Trick pattern and Andean Treasure in Granite, for T and of course some more yarn for socks, Gloss in Pumpkin and Memories in Geranium; and some other goodies. Then we move on to an eBay find, 2 balls of Suri Merino by Plymouth yarn in a beautiful red, Color 2055 Lot 661. And don't forget my pyramid of Sockotta, mostly from a discontinued yarn website and one from a locallys, I wont go through all the colors but aren't they pretty :D. And last but certainly not least, On Line sock yarn Sierra Color, also bought at that local lys.
I think I need to get knitting.

I should also mention the wonderful gifts I've received recently I have procured some beautiful stitch markers from 2 gals in my Knitting group. Thanks Steph & Alley and Liz. Along with the tea stitch markers, I also recieved two balls of Wool-Ease yarn in a pretty earth tone and some much needed cable needles, Thank you Steph & Alley, it saved me a purchase :D

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